Adding a product

How do I add a product to PoshTrader Marketplace?

You can submit new products by clicking on ADD PRODUCT in your Author Dashboard.

Warning: Publishing copyrighted material is strictly prohibited!

How do I set the product pricing?

You can offer a product for free or as a subscription plan, where users will pay for your product regularly using Recurring payments.

You have the full right to change your product pricing at any time.

What download file should I upload?

You need to integrate Author Library and create a distribution file that you will upload. If you haven't done it yet, please read the following developer resources:

Submitting for a review

If you have filled all the required product fields and uploaded the distribution file, you can click SUBMIT to apply for our review.

It usually takes only a couple of days for us to review your submission and approve it.

If we have some suggestions for improvements or additional requirements, we will contact you directly over an email.

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