Updates and support

How do I get notified about product updates?

If a new version is released by its author, you will be notified within your trading platform.

By clicking the Download Update button, you will be prompt to download the latest distribution files. After completing the download, you can proceed with the installation that will update all files required.

If the update was successful, but you are still seeing an older version, you might need to refresh your chart or restart the platform for the changes to apply.

How can I request features, report bugs, or get support?

If you think a feature is missing, the product should be improved, you find a bug or just need to ask some technical questions, then you should contact the product's author directly.

You can contact the author using a form on their page. The author page is found on the product page when clicking the AUTHOR PAGE button in the right sidebar.

Tips: Providing relevant use-cases, or user-stories, with screenshots is the best way to make your feature accepted or bug fixed.

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