Free 7-day trial

What is a free trial?

The free trial provides you the opportunity to test any product on PoshTrader Marketplace, see if it suits your needs before purchasing a license. During this period, we will stay available for any product questions you may have.

How do I start the free trial?

All products you haven't tried yet will have a Start Free Trial button during the License Activation. By clicking this button, you will start your free trial period.

Which features can I test during this free trial?

During the trial period, some features might not be available or limited to demo trading accounts only. Those limitations should be mentioned by authors on the product page.

What happens after my trial ended?

After 7 days of the trial, if you wish to continue using the product, you will be required to activate your license using a key. The license key can be purchased at any time during the trial period or afterward.

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