License activation

License key activation

Once you downloaded and installed a product, you need to activate your license using a key.

  1. Navigate to your Licenses and copy your license key

  2. Enter the license key into the window

  3. Click Activate and voilà!

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How many times can I use a single key?

License key activation is limited to a single machine at the time to prevent unauthorized usage by multiple users. If you need to use a product on more than one machine simultaneously, you will be required to purchase multiple licenses.

Tips: You can reset your license key activations at any time. The deactivation can be found under order details in your Licenses and Order History.

What happens after my license expired?

If you have canceled your subscription and your license key has expired, you won't be able to use the product anymore. If you wish to keep using the product, you will be required to renew your subscription or purchase a new license.

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