What are the benefits of becoming an author?

Earn money on your own time: There are no deadlines, no client meetings, and no boss telling you what to do. You work on your own terms, uploading content when you choose. Once it is approved for our collection, you could be earning royalties for years to come for the content you submit today. Contributing to PoshTrader Marketplace allows you to literally earn money in your sleep.

Get unparalleled exposure: PoshTrader Marketplace licenses indicators, strategies, addons, and other trading tools to thousands of traders worldwide. By contributing to PoshTrader Marketplace, you can reach these global buyers and get rewarded for your work.

Protect your content and push updates with ease: PoshTrader has a well documented and easy to integrate licensing library that allows you to protect your content from unauthorized distribution. Additionally, it notifies users about the latest updates allowing them to stay up to date with the changes you have made. For more information see License activation and Updates and support sections.

Customers have the best access to your content: We have made it easy for customers to license your products directly within their trading platform. Customers can try out your content free for 7 days and if it suits their purpose, they can license it right within the application. This ease of use translates to dollars for you.

Enjoy great royalties: PoshTrader Marketplace offers a competitive royalty of 60-85% based on your total sales. For details on royalties, see the Royalty details.

It is still your content: You are not signing your rights away when you work with PoshTrader Marketplace. Instead, you enter a partnership that allows us to promote and license your content. This agreement is non-exclusive.

Be part of the PoshTrader Community: Contributing to PoshTrader Marketplace allows you to be part of an amazing community of creative content providers. PoshTrader Marketplace is constantly evolving in response to your efforts and input.

What are the requirements to become an author?

Becoming a PoshTrader Marketplace author is simple. If you have great indicators, strategies, or any other trading tools and you own all the rights, you can become an author. You must also be at least 18 years of age and the sole owner of every file you upload for sale.

What kind of content can I sell on PoshTrader Marketplace?

You can sell extensions to trading platforms like cTrader, NinjaTrader 8, MultiCharts .NET, or any other C# platform that supports the usage of external libraries. Our customers are looking for high-quality content in all subject areas, including indicators, strategies, addons, drawing tools, bars types, chart styles, and more.

Can I hire you to build my idea and then sell it?

Absolutely yes! If you are not a programmer but would still like to contribute, we are here to help. You can hire our dedicated team of developers that will be more than happy to provide you with their expertise and programming skills.

How do I get paid for the sold content?

Every time someone purchases your content or extends their license, you get a 60-85% commission based on your total sales, the more you have sold the more you earn. You can request a payout via PayPal when you have reached at least â‚Ŧ25 in royalties.

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