Releasing an update

Steps to release a new version

1. Increment the version number in Item Attributes

It's a good practice to use semantic versioning that is a universal and widely used way of software versioning. It contains three components, in the format of Major.Minor.Patch where:

  • Major version when you make incompatible API changes.

  • Minor version when you add functionality in a backward-compatible manner.

  • Patch version when you make backward-compatible bug fixes.

[Item(ID, Name = "Sample Indicator", Version = "1.1.0")]

2. Build your assembly and create a new distribution file

To create a distribution file, please follow the steps below that are different for each trading platform.

  1. Navigate to Automate tab in the left sidebar

  2. Select an indicator/robot you wish to export

  3. Press Build (Do NOT use Build with Source Code which would make your code unprotected!)

After you finish building your indicator/cBot you will find the distribution file as a .algo file located in %UserProfile%\Documents\cAlgo\Sources\ in Indicators or Robots folder.

3. Update your product on PoshTrader Marketplace

The last step is updating product details listed on the marketplace.

  1. Navigate to your Author Dashboard products listing

  2. Click Edit on the product you are updating

  3. Update Download File by uploading the new one

  4. Change product Version to match Item Attributes of the file uploaded

  5. Add details about what changed in the Changelog

  6. Click SUBMIT to save changes

4. Your customers will be notified that there's a new version

Once you submitted the changes, all your customers will be able to Update their copy of the product.

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