Licensing library

The concept

The basic concept of our licensing is that your application should contact our online license server to confirm the validity of the product key provided by the user to activate the license. ‌

At the time of license activation, it should also be provided with a unique device/user fingerprint and sent along with the license activation request. ‌

The licensing server must store the device/user fingerprint and use it to validate the product key for further activations to prevent the usage of the same key by other users.

Shared licensing library

PoshTrader.Licensing.dll is a library which invokes PoshTrader Marketplace API endpoints from your application to activate purchased licenses and trials. These licensing API endpoints can be invoked using HTTP requests, but it does something more which can save you a lot of time:

  • Abstracts away HTTPS part, so you call simple functions instead of sending HTTPS requests.

  • Provides user interface to activate a license and get notified about the latest product updates.

  • Periodically invokes the PoshTrader API endpoints in a separate thread to sync the server license data with the client.

Note: The library is using a self-signed certificate, which might cause your firewall or antivirus to identify it as harmful. It's safe to ignore any similar warnings if the file was downloaded from the link above.

Minimum Requirements

The library works for all trading platforms supporting C# external libraries. It requires internet access and writing into the registry to store user data.

There are no additional dependencies. It supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit CPU architectures for all windows platforms.

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